Error 1903 - String Is Too Long To Fit 
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 Error 1903 - String Is Too Long To Fit

Hi Folks,

One of the features my client has asked for is to be able to view a memo
field in  a grid. The memo field is potentially quite long, with carriage
returns throughout. I thought I'd get around this by making the control
source of the column STRTRAN(STRTRAN(cMemoField, chr(13), ' - '), chr(10)).
This strips all of the LF (chr(10)) and converts all of the CR (chr(13)) to
a separator string.

The control in the column is an editbox, and when the grid comes up,
everything appears to work just fine. However, when the user clicks in the
edit box for a row with a large entry in the memo field (I'm yet to pin down
what exactly "large" is), an error 1903 - The String Is Too Long To Fit - is

Does anyone have any clues?


Andrew Coates
Civil Solutions

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Tue, 25 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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