CA-Tools III with CA-Clipper v5.3b 
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 CA-Tools III with CA-Clipper v5.3b

Hi all

Recently I compiled a really big app (Payroll and Human recources) with
CA-Clipper v5.3b . After likned with Blinker v4.10 and typed MAIN to execute
the app the system halted with GPF. The position the app crashed was the
first GET (the used-id). After that I removed CA-Tools (along with CTUSP.OBJ
and CTINT.OBJ) and the app didn't crashed.

The app uses a lot of functions in CA-Tools III and I could't find
substitutions on other libraries (Nanforum v3.05, GT 1.0, Super 3.0-3.5).

I forgot to mention that I used all "magic tricks" provided by Jo French.

I also use Provison Backup v1.07.

Has any one suggestions, paradigms or thouhgts on how to overcome this
erratic behavior?

Thank's all
Theodore N. Patsiouras


Sun, 14 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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