Clipper DLL's using Clipper 5.2e and Blinker 5.10 
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 Clipper DLL's using Clipper 5.2e and Blinker 5.10


recently I've ran into several situations in which I would like to use
Clipper DLL's in a few applications.
At this moment I use Blinker 4.10 but I might upgrade to a newer version.
For this reason I just downloaded the 5.10 demo version.

However with both versions I can't seem to get things working.

So far I have been able to create a DLL file but getting a simple EXE to
work with this DLL apears to be somewhat of a struggle. I can create an EXE
file but when I run it I get the runtime error message:
"BLX286: 1321 : TEST.DLL must be recompressed with Blinker 5.x"
Both the DLL and the EXE were linked with Blinker 5.10 (the demo

With Blinker 4.10 everything seems to work fine. No error message during
compiling/linking both the DLL and the EXE. However, the one function in my
DLL can't be found. That is, no valid handle gets created.

This may all be a bit sketchy but I hope someone can point me in the
direction of some common pitfalls with using Clipper DLL's.

Should more information be necessary I'm happy to oblige.

TIA, Jaap

Jaap van Braam Houckgeest
Digital Dynamics ITC, Heerde

Mon, 02 May 2005 03:43:47 GMT  
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