Replacement of FoxBASE+/FoxPro sys(15,...) needed 
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 Replacement of FoxBASE+/FoxPro sys(15,...) needed


>Hi all,

>does anybody have the ASM/C function replacing the SYS(15, ... ) function
>of FoxBase+/FoxPro? It's easy to write it in Clipper, but it runs too
>slow for index expression.


>Jan Bucek
>Czech Republic, Europe

>Snippet of FoxPro Help:

>SYS(15, <expC1>, <expC2>)

>Translates second character string by first character string.
>Return value - Character string

>This function  is primarily intended  for the convenience  of European users
>who  must use  letters with   diacritical marks.  Since there  are different
>versions  of most  vowels (with  different diacritical  marks), indexing  on
>fields  containing  such  characters  doesn't  preserve  normal alphabetical

>This function takes  each character in the character  expression <expC2> and
>uses the character's numeric value as a subscript into the table <expC1> and
>replaces the character in <expC2> with  the character found at that position
>in the table.

>If table <expC1> doesn't have a  character corresponding to a character from
><expC2>, those characters in <expC2> aren't translated.

Try C function below. Since I wrote by heart and  test only for
successfully compilation please test for the accuracy.

Beside that you can add parameter validation etc - however it
sacrifices speed which could be very valuable in indexing process.


#include <extend.api>
#include <fm.api>

// Define to make easier reading
#define cTable          _parc(1)
#define cSource         _parc(2)

CLIPPER SYS15( void )
        unsigned int i , iTableLen , iStringLen ;
        char * cReturn ;

        // Parameter's length
        iTableLen  = _parclen(1);
        iStringLen = _parclen(2);

        // Allocate memory for return value - since we will use
        // _retclen we don't need to reserve 1 byte string
        // termination
        cReturn = _xalloc( iStringLen + 1 );

        // Translate
        for ( i = 0 ; i < iStringLen ; i++)
                if ( ( (unsigned int) cSource[i] ) <= iTableLen )
                        cReturn[i] = cTable[ cSource[i] - 1 ];
                        cReturn[i] = cSource[i] ;

        // Post Clipper return value
        _retclen( cReturn , iStringLen );

        // WARNING : don't forget to free memory
        _xfree( cReturn );



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