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Growing San Diego organization seeks contract Clipper Systems Analyst/
Programmer. Must have RECENT and EXTENSIVE experience working with
Summer '87 on Novell network. Additional experience in Windows program-
ming with delphi or Visual Basic a plus. Requires ability to analyze, under-
stand, maintain existing code, interact with users to determine design/change
criteria while maintaining system conformity, code efficiently in '87, test
extensively, and provide finished product meeting exceptionally high stand-
ards with minimal supervision.

Contractor will maintain existing 200,000 lines Summer '87 code during con-
version to Windows. Will enhance newly converted Windows modules later
in project. Requires a minimum commitment of 30 hours per week, mostly
on-site. Project start no later than 8/15/96 to last 12-14 months. Rates
negotiable based on experience. Submit resume and fee schedule via
CompuServe to Nancy Pumphrey, 75452,1404, Word document, or fax it
to 1-800-934-4540.

Sat, 19 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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