Creating an EXE - have old source but no Link Scripts 
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 Creating an EXE - have old source but no Link Scripts

The unresolved CLIPPER501 probably comes from a 3rd party library you're
linking.  (The offending library was written for Clipper version 5.01).  You
can stub this out with no problems if you can't find an updated version.


> <snip>
>task of linking the 7 .OBJ modules together....On a first
>attempt, I have an unresolved CLIPPER501....I searched
>all source code for this, and can't track it down...

Larger exe's are "normal" for Clipper 5.2 over 5.01
> <snip again>
>The other issue I faced (besides the unresolved CLIPPER501)
>was that when the .EXE was created, it is 30% larger than
>the original production .EXE that is currently running...This

Sun, 22 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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