VO Tools Release 2.050 Released to Production 
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 VO Tools Release 2.050 Released to Production


Electric People is pleased to announce VO Tools Release 2.050, a new
maintenance release of VO Tools which includes many new features and

Here's a quick summary of some of these changes, as extracted from our
updated README file:

- Enhanced a variety of classes, including __EPServerRedirectionServer,
DateStringEdit, EPArrayServer, EPINIServer, EPServer, EPNameMaker and
Prov{*filter*}ateTable. Enhancements include some corrections of some
outstanding bugs, as well as additional functionality.

- Added classes EPErrorInfo, NameMakerCompoundNamePrefixList,

- Added funcitons: CallStack2MemoString(), CapitalizeSurName(),
Date2MDYStringS(), DTS2MDYString(), EPCargo(), EPNULLDATE(), EPUSym(),
FileNameFromPath(), GetStringFromDLL(), SetLanguageDLL().

- Removed functions DumpObject(), DumpObjectTree() [these functions are now
supplied in source code format].

- Enhanced all EPI windows and window controls (see edCTL on-line
documentation for details).

- Added window controls: EPDataBrowser, EPDataColumn, EPMenu,
EPSingleLineEdit_AlighR, EPSingleLineEdit4Numeric, EPTabControl, EPToolBar.

- Added edCTL function: SetDefaultSLE4NumericPicture().

- Corrected problems with EPLineDrawEW and EPLineDrawNS which sometimes
caused mispositioning on DataWindow's when the size of the datawindow was

- Corrected some display problems EPCalculatorControl.

- Added extensive additional support for developing multiple language
windows, menus, etc. Many EPI controls now permit programmers to specific
the entry numbers (or entry number constants) of string table values which,
if requested, are substituted at runtime with foriegn language values. See
the edCTL online documenation for information on using these new multple
language features.

- Enhanced the demo programs supplied with VO Tools. In particular, DEMOEDCO
has been enhanced to better show the features of EPINIServer and EPServer.

This new version is a FREE update to all existing VO Tools 2.0 customers. To
obtain this update, simply visit our Internet web site at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ and select the "patches" menu button.


Fri, 26 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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