3DYear 2000 Solutions - [20/20] 
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 3DYear 2000 Solutions - [20/20]

                                        Sirius Press, Inc.

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                                        New Book Title
                                      Year 2000 Solutions Book Signed

For Immediate Release
Friday, June 20, 1997
Contact: Sales
Sirius Press, Inc.

San Francisco - Sirius Press, Inc. is proud to announce the signing and
soon to-be-released book written by Peter MacIntyre entitled Year 2000 Solutions.  The
paper version is ISBN 1-890726-12-5 and the CD-ROM version is ISBN 1-890726-13-3.  
Pricing for the book in traditional paper format as well CD-ROM format, which will
include 24-hour support and technical updates, will be available on both the GO SIRIUS
forum on CompuServe and at http://www.*-*-*.com/ on the Internet.

Steve Straley, President of the USA division states, "This marks yet another step in
our quest to provide technical assistance to programmers on a wide variety of topics,
including those that other publishers refuse to take.   We are very pleased and
enthusiastic that Mr. MacIntyre has selected Sirius Press to share his expertise,
knowledge, and common-sense approach to this problem that will hit us all.  He will
significantly add to the direction we are heading here at Sirius!"

Paul Piko, President of the Australia division adds, "Year 2000 Solutions is a global
issue and does not just end with the turning of the century.  Our commitment to support
this on-going problem even after the dawn of the new millenium means a significant
statement about our commitment to the programming community in general."

Michael Fischer, President of the German division says, "As with all of our other
products and books, this one will also be published in Europe and translated in
German.  Unlike other publishing companies that fight internally for publishing rights,
when we sign an author, even one away from another publishing house as is the case
here, we make the promise to bring that book to the world-wide market.  Its
exciting to have Peter on board!"

Release in all formats is scheduled for the summer of 1997 and available in most
bookstores or from the publisher, directly.  Translations will take place shortly
thereafter.  Retail price is slated to be $ 59.95 USD for the paper format and
$ 34.95 USD for the CD ROM format.   Both versions come with case-study forms,
templates, and 24-hour technical support.

For more information or ordering, please contact SIRIUS PRESS at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ .


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