Help automatic sending DBF updates using MS-MAIL !! 
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 Help automatic sending DBF updates using MS-MAIL !!

: G=92day All,
: Database version control software.
: I am after software that will keep the databases of  an application up to  
: date.  We have a set of standard data that is maintained and updated at a  
: central location and then needs to be distributed to about 50 sites.  We  
: can of course can compress the database and send them on disk to the 50  
: sites, but would like something more automatic.  
: All the sites are connected with MS-Mail and if possible we would like to  
: use this to transport the updated databases around.  
: If anybody knows of anything like this, even remotely like this, as  
: shareware or commercial product please reply via e-mail.  

check for an import file before starting the program.
if your app finds the file, import/update the records and remove the file.
if you send several updates and the site hasn't imported the previous
file have a series of files (xyz1.dbf, xyz2.dbf, ...) accumulate on the
site and import/update in the order the came in.

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Wed, 01 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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