RLOCK() Problem Win95/NetWare 3.12 
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 RLOCK() Problem Win95/NetWare 3.12

I've got a problem with Record-locking which appears on some Win95-PCs
in a Novell Netware 3.12 - Net.
I'm using pure Clipper 5.3 with the NANFOR Toolkit v3.01 and the Linker
BLINKER 1.0 which was shipped with Clipper 5.3.
The compile and Linker Batch is quite simple:

clipper %1.PRG
IF errorlevel 1 goto FEHLER
BLINKER file C:\TEMP\%1.OBJ,msgger,ntxger,winclip.obj LIB

The problem:

I start the same program twice on one workstation. A database is opened
shared and a DBF-record is read and locked with the RLOCK() - Function.
I'm doing the same in the second task: RLOCK() should now return FALSE
because of the recordlock of the first task, but on SOME workstations it
does returnes TRUE!!!!
There are no strange reactions like that if the record is locked by a
different workstation - the problem only occures when the two tasks are
running on the SAME workstation

I tried the same on my Windows NT 4.0 - Net which I use for testing. Any
problems using Win 3.11 or Win 95 (4.00.950 or 4.00.950C) on the

In the Novell Net I checked 5 workstations - all Win95, different
versions. Two of them work correct, three do not.
I think there must be a setting-conflict, but I've got no idea where to
look for it. I checked some of the Netware Client settings concerning
file locking but found no difference.
I asked the guy who cares for hardware and standard-software (who I
thought was quite fit in clipper cause he told so,) but he asked me to
check the programming - I had to use some NETUSE() - functions which I
don't even find.

So - if anybody got an idea... would be nice to read it.

Thanks, Ingo

Ingo.Kothke #AT# T-Online.de

Mon, 04 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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