Some Great Computer Seminars, in LA area 
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 Some Great Computer Seminars, in LA area

                     A M U L E T   C O N S U L T I N G
                   Computer Education Services Division

AMULET Consulting offers expert computer education seminars on
using and programming popular PC database management software.
Classes are either on-site (client's location) or in the Los
Angeles area at AMULET's classroom facility. Currently, education
for four contemporary software development platforms are
available: Microsoft Access 2.0, CA-Clipper 5.2x, CA-Visual
Objects and Borland dBASE 5.0 for DOS and Windows.

All classes are personally taught by Dan D. Gutierrez, Contributing
Editor for Data Based Advisor magazine and columnist for the
monthly "{*filter*} Clipper" column. Mr. Gutierrez has also
authored two books, "CA-Clipper 5.2 Step by Step" and "dBASE IV
Beyond the Basics", both published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. He
is also a long time instructor of computer classes at UCLA
Extension and holds a BS degree in computer science from UCLA.

               A C C E S S   2 . 0   E X P E R T   S E R I E S

Become a Microsoft Access 2.0 expert by taking AMULET Consulting's
Introduction to Access 2.0 two-day seminar. All major facets of
this dynamic Windows based database system are covered: including
database/ table design and creation, form and subform design,
query design, report design, wizards, macros, OLE (object linking
and embedding, and user interface considerations. This is a
hands-on, interactive course. The attendee will gain practical
experience actually using Access to solve business problems. This
course is perfect for business people wishing to become rapidly
productive with Access, the database component of the Microsoft
Office suite.

                 C L I P P E R   E X P E R T   S E R I E S

AMULET Consulting, is offering CA-Clipper 5.x education for corporate
and government IS department developers. Four levels of instruction
are available: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Object Oriented
Clipper. If you are a developer who is interested in quickly getting up
to speed with this dynamic language, now is the time!

Here are some of the topics covered in the beginning level
seminar: the Clipper 5.x development environment, basic language
constructs, the preprocessor, subprograms including procedures
and user defined functions (UDFs), scope and lifetime rules, code
blocks, arrays, database access including RDDs, the Order
Management System, predefined classes, TBrowse and TBColumn.

The Beginning Level course is especially suited for Summer '87
release and Xbase programmers desiring to move into Clipper 5. All
sessions are two-day lecture/hands-on discussions of various programming
techniques. Attendees of the Beginning Level seminar get a FREE
copy of the book "CA-Clipper Step by Step" by Dan D. Gutierrez.

The Intermediate level seminar focuses on application development
issues such as advanced user interface techniques using various
windowing and menuing constructs, as well as basic network

The Advanced level seminar is a robust look at Clipper pre-
defined objects and internals, including modifying the GET
system, User Defined Commands, advanced use of TBrowse, the ERROR
system, and more network programming.

The series culminates with an introduction to Object Oriented
Clipper. For this purpose, the Class(y) object oriented extension
library will be used for demonstrating OOP techniques in
applications development.

       C A - V I S U A L   O B J E C T S   E X P E R T   S E R I E S

As the exciting CA-Visual Objects product by Computer Associates nears
shipment, you can get quickly up to speed with all the new technology by
attending this special 2-day seminar "Introduction to CA-Visual Objects".
Here you'll learn how to migrate your existing CA-Clipper and Xbase code
to VO, how to use the new visual tools, browsers and editors. We also
cover all the new language components available in VO, including the
object oriented constructs and integrated class libraries.

Take this timely course to prepare yourself for the release of VO sometime
late '94 or early '95. Don't be caught off guard like when Clipper 5
first shipped. Get a head start now!

       U S I N G   d B A S E   5 . 0   F O R  D O S / W I N D O W S

This two-day seminar is designed for individuals having little or no
experience with PC database software. You are introduced to the concepts
behind using relational database software by examining table design and
creation, using the dBASE 5.0 design surfaces, GUI object creation,
and application development for the non-programmer using the dBASE
Applications Generator. The class also covers data entry form and
report creation. This class is perfect for business PC users
desiring to understand the concepts of managing data using the
popular dBASE product line from Borland International.

We have one seminar for dBASE 5.0 for DOS and another for dBASE
5.0 for Windows.

                  D B A S E   5 . 0   P R O G R A M M I N G

This two-day seminar provides a well rounded look at the Borland dBASE 5.0
for DOS and Windows programming environment. It is especially designed for
those wishing to develop professional applications with the Borland
product line.

We have one seminar for dBASE 5.0 for DOS and another for dBASE
5.0 for Windows.

                     X B A S E   P R O G R A M M I N G

This two-day seminar is specifically designed for those with no
prior programming experience who wish to investigate the exciting
world of database application design and implementation. In this
class, students learn about "The World of Xbase". Discussions
will include the examination of all major Xbase dialects
including dBASE 5.0, FoxPro 2.6 and CA-Clipper 5.2. The course
focuses on the "lowest common denominator" features found in all
Xbase dialects. This course is a great place to begin and/or
enhance your career as a PC software developer.


All sessions are $550 for two full days of instruction. Attendees
get complete course materials and samples of topics covered.
Corporate and group discounts are available. Special and custom
seminars can also be accommodated. You can call the company,
AMULET Consulting, at (310) 798-3985 Ext. 44 to get more
information. You may also FAX your request for information to
(310) 798-3985. FAX inquiries please include: "ATTN: Dept. 44" on
your cover sheet. Via electronic means, you may contact AMULET
Consulting on CompuServe at (73317,646), Internet at

Please mention "Dept. 44" in all of your transmissions.

       Reprinted by permission of AMULET Consulting


Tue, 14 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Some Great Computer Seminars, in LA area

(Bri) writes:
>Take this timely course to prepare yourself for the release of VO
>late '94 or early '95. Don't be caught off guard like when Clipper 5
>first shipped. Get a head start now!

Hopefully the course is more timely than this spam ad...

Tue, 14 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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