ADS/NT/IPX/1015 error 
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 ADS/NT/IPX/1015 error


I have an application that works without problems on a Netware
4.10-server with ADS 5.0.

But it doesn't work on my NT-server 4.0 with IPX. I don't wanna use
TCP/IP and the ADSIPDOS.EXE. The first time, my application wants to
open a table I get the 1015 error. NETBIOS is activated.

- All the OBJ's and the LIB's are in my linkfile
- I use the REQUEST statement
- I open the table with the command VIA "DBFCDXAX"  (remember, the
same EXE works without a problem with the ADS-NLM).

The 1015-FAQ doesn't solve my problem.

Any idea?

Thierry Miguet
Sommer-automatic, Germany

Mon, 01 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 ADS/NT/IPX/1015 error



that's interesting. It's possible that I need ADSDOSIP. If I start it,
I can open the tables but everything is horrible slow.

>If you are trying to run  ADS Service on the NT server, I thought you had to
>use the ADSDOSIP to connect.  From my understanding of ADSDOSIP it will use
>IP or IPX and if both are active it will default to IPX?  Thats paraphrased
>from the README.TXT from ADSDOSIP.  Have you emailed extended systems?      They
>generally get back in a day.

>I'm using ADS 5.0 on NT Server using IPX, 3.12 Netware and Intranetware



Thu, 04 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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