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>Does anyone know if Al's Xbase++ Board is down or is it just me?
>Maybe he kicked me off and didn't bother to tell me... :-)
>If in fact his Board it is not going to be reinstated, we need to find another
>venue to meet and discuss issues...
>I don't think Roger's place would be appropriate because he seems very close
>to Al and the ALASKA folks...  We need an open form to discuss

Rogers place is just fine, and he's a good guy. His server is running
low on both RAM and disk space, and he's off to the CDAT meeting in
Toronto. Before he left, he ordered both RAM and HD, and should get it
Monday. ASAP, he'll have the webboard running again.

Don't worry, be happy...

>I've already tried to get into the alt.comp.databases.xbase++ newsgroup
>but can't find it using either the NEWSGUY(ZIPPO) or DEJANEWS.....

It's definately out there. Have you contacted the news staff of either
of these newsservers?

There has not been much activity on the a.c.d.x++ group yet. Most of
us are waiting for 'the patch'.


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Tue, 19 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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