Clipper, Accounting, and the GPL 
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 Clipper, Accounting, and the GPL

I am developing a small business management application called
SmallOps().  It is written entirely in Clipper and distributed under
the GNU General Public License.

  I know that over the years many general accounting programs have
been written in Clipper.  A number of these may no longer be used,
though they still exist.  It could be that some of them are so unused
that no-one takes a financial interest in them anymore.

  All I need is General Ledger, Financial Reporting, and Accounts
Payable.  Does anyone know of (or have) a Clipper accounting package
with these functions, which might be made available under the GPL?

  The quality of the source code (probably) does not matter a great
deal.  But the package must not include any proprietary functions or

Thank you for any ideas,

Ben Prescott
GPL small business software

Sat, 28 May 2005 12:10:07 GMT  
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