Public\private memory variables 
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 Public\private memory variables

Hi!  This is my first post of a question, and I hope it does not sound to lame.  I am at
my wits end with the following:

I declare some public variables at the beginning of my program.  I compile the prg with
/n/a/w.  The /a should be automatically declaring memvars for public, private, and
parameter statements.  However, some of the warnings I get from the compile are still
showing ambiguous references later in the code when I try to use that variable.  It is
not until I manually declare memvars for these public variables in the program that the
warning goes away.

I similar problem seems to be occuring with private variables that I try to reference in
a function called by the function that the variable was declared in.

Please help if anyone knows how to solve this.  I am compiling with Clipper 5.2e.

Troy Ballantine
Barnett Technologies

Sun, 06 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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