>CA-dBFast 3.0 or CA-dBFast95 
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 >CA-dBFast 3.0 or CA-dBFast95



>Thanks for the offer of your dBFast "guru-ship".  Same goes to A.
>Gonzales.  I just completed going through the Getting Started and User
>guides.  I'm about halfway through the Using the Visual Designer
>guide.  Do you know is a version 3 will be coming out soon?


I was told that once some of the bugs were fixed there
would be a new CA-dBFast version. 2.0D1 is looking
good so I'm sure the next release will be CA-dBFast 3.0
or CA-dBFast95.

Armando Gonzalez

Thu, 30 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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