CDX Index file bloats up but shrink after re-indexing 
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 CDX Index file bloats up but shrink after re-indexing

My program was writtten in Clipper 5.2e and has one main database with
three CDX index files. Each index file has more than one key. I
discovered that the index files keeps inflating after some data
entries. If I deleted the index files and re-indexed, the CDX files
shrank to a smaller size. Can anyone  expalin why the decrease in size
of the CDX files occur after re-indexing. The CDX index files were
created using options as supplied with Clipper 5.2e, not COMIX's or
SIX's independent software.

I do have version 2.0  of the  SIX driver. Do you think it would help
if I use it?  I am not sure if I need to upgrade it to version 3.0.



Mon, 13 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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