DBCMD/1015 Argument error: DBUSEAREA 
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 DBCMD/1015 Argument error: DBUSEAREA

Good day to all!

I have a strange bug I can't seem to fix for the time being...

Error DBCMD/1015  Argument error: DBUSEAREA
Called from DBUSEAREA(0)
Called from GETDATE(121)
Called from (b)TEMPLATE(143)

TEMPLATE(143) => bungoption("Calendrier",{||GetDate(DATE(),"DEFAULT

GETDATE(121)  =>

        IF VALTYPE(dStartDate)<>"D"
           dStartDate := DATE()
           IF EMPTY(dStartDate)
              dStartDate := DATE()
        dCalcDate := dStartDate
121==>       DBUSEAREA(.T.,"COMIX","YEAR"+STR(YEAR(dStartDate),4,0),,.T.,.T.)

The GetDate() function is a Superlib function which I modified to
display a
company calendar of events.  This obj file is shared among different
programs and
works great, except in a template program I'm making with default
functions (such as
the Calendar, calculator, help, about, etc).  In that template program
it gives me
the above mentionned error code.

I've checked "YEAR"+STR(YEAR(dStartDate),4,0) and it gives YEAR1999 and
I've checked
with File("YEAR"+STR(YEAR(dStartDate),4,0)+".dbf") and I get TRUE!

My PbMake link script includes file cmx52.obj  and lib cmx52 like all my
programs.  I use Clipper 5.2e (however my NG gives no reference to
DBCMD/1015) and
Blinker 3.3

I've checked DejaNews and found nothing to help me. I don't need to put
at the beginning of my program since it is linked in and is the default
(just like
in my other programs which work fine).
I don't see what parameter is giving me trouble since the same function
works fine elsewhere!

Any help or hints would be graciously appreciated!


Patrick Duclos

Mon, 16 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 DBCMD/1015 Argument error: DBUSEAREA

Bonjour Patrick:


> Good day to all!

> I have a strange bug I can't seem to fix for the time being...

> Error DBCMD/1015  Argument error: DBUSEAREA

        From the NG for CL5.3:
        Argument error.  

        EXPLANATION: You attempted to select a linked-in driver with USE
VIA, but failed to REQUEST it.

        ACTION: Correct the program.

        As an aside, I noticed when I got 5.3 that a number of the error
numbers I get with 5.2 (which is the version I use) are included in the NG
for 5.3, but not in the NG for 5.2.  I surmise they started using the
error messages before they published them.  Anyone know any different?


a bientot
Ted Cleaver


Mon, 16 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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