SQLExpress, build 2.0.10 released 
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 SQLExpress, build 2.0.10 released

A new build of SQLExpress for Xbase++ has been released today.

This is a FREE upgrade to all registered SQLExpress 2.x users.
Non-registered users can obtain the latest version of SQLExpress by
registering on line at: http://www.*-*-*.com/

The following is a list of incremental changes from build 2.0.04:

- SQLDataSet now allows creating empty datasets that can be populated

- new sample program SQLTest4.prg, demonstrating how to create, populate
  and browse a un-connected SQLDataSet object.

- raise error if invalid field is specified in :FieldGet/:FieldPut

- SQLSelect:FieldName() and SQLDataSet:FieldName() now return column name
  in default case (previously it was returned in upper case).

- bug fix to SQLConnection:GetDrivers(), previously this method was
  returning data sources instead of drivers and attributes.

- parameter values are now preserved during a reconnect.

- enhanced MySQLErrorHandler function in sample SQLTest3.prg program.

- added SQLSelect:SortOrder and SQLDataSet:SortOrder properties.

- SQLDataSet:Sort now accepts array of fields to sort dataset by.

- SQLSelect:Seek and SQLDataSet:Seek can now seek through multiple columns.

- SQLSelect:Locate and SQLDataSet:Locate can now search through
  multiple columns.

- SQLDataSet:Locate method now uses the simple equals operator (=) for
  string comparisons. This is consistent with SQLSelect:Locate and
  previously published documentation.

- workaround for Val("99") bug in Xbase++ compiler.

Best regards,
Boris Borzic
industrial strength C/S development tool

Sat, 10 Jul 2004 12:06:43 GMT  
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