The world's funniest GPF 
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 The world's funniest GPF

Hello, this must be my very unlucky day...

I have encountered a GPF while trying to run one of my EXE linked using

After hours of test, I solved the problem by adding a public symbol to the
application, and the GPF is gone.
No other change in any of the source code, linker script...
I just add a blank function, function abc();return nil and link it to the
application (no call to it), and the GPF gone????

I notice that BLINKER produces the same size of EXE whether or not a
redundant or do-nothing (but critical) function is linked in.
Using the GPF extracting program from Blinker, the GPF is found in

Please, any expert suggestion, I am worry about the next encounter of this
kind ...


Sat, 26 Feb 2005 04:12:29 GMT  
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