Windows NT 3.5 Illegal Instruction 
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 Windows NT 3.5 Illegal Instruction

Hi there, everyone ...

We've got a Summer '87 app, linked using Blinker 3.10, that runs
just fine in:

- DOS 6.22
- DOS Box under Windows for Workgroups
- DOS Box under Windows 95 Final Beta

... but in the Windows NT Command Prompt, it gets an error box from
the MS-DOS 16-bit subsystem, saying "Illegal Instruction" together
with the current CS:IP values. The error seems pretty sensitive to
changes in the code: as an example, changing _exmgrab() and _exmfree()
to use malloc() and free() in our C code using the Extend system
seems to make the problem go away. Well, for now, anyway.

Has anyone else had this problem with NT Workstation 3.5?

Help !!!

- Matt Morris -

Wed, 29 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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