>CA-dBFast error 186? 
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 >CA-dBFast error 186?


>...Current problem, I'm getting an error 186 which does
>not seem to be documents

This is what I found in the help file:
186 - Internal error.

Problem: An internal error has occurred in CAdBFast.
Solution: Document exactly what you were attempting to
accomplish at the moment you received the error and then
please contact Computer Associates Technical Support.
It does't tell you much. Doesn't it?

What version are you using?  I'm using CA-dBFast 2.0D1 and I haven't
had this type of error. If you aren't using 2.0D1 I suggest you
get the patch as soon as you can, previous versions had many bugs.
the patch is free and you can get it from CA's ftp site mf.cai.com
directory: caproducts\dbfast

I hope this helps,


Wed, 19 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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