Error TERM / 0 Print error 
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 Error TERM / 0 Print error

BRANCO) writes:
>Using Clipper 5.2e,  with the linker of you choice,  on a Netware LITE
>peer to peer network.

>    Serveral ideas have come up, Im still in the dark, I have received
>either work arounds to stop the bomb out or delay strategies.  I have
>also put together the idea that clipper is not able to send an end of
>report marker to the server, and what happens is since all these
>reports, documents go to spool files before being printed I think Im
>running out of file handles which are being left open.  I got to the
>concluson since upping the file handle extends the time until the
>problem arises.

>If anybody knows any thing about this, all help welcome.

>Thanks John Branco

>A bit a day keeps the bug away.

Use SET DEFAULT TO command before printing, it usually helps on Novell networks


Fri, 04 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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