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 Clipper/Telepathy software & Unix


>I have a Clipper 5 application that uses the Telepathy libraries for serial
>communication.      The program works fine connecting/communicating with the
>Unix version:  EXL RISC/os (UMIPS) 4_52.p3I am trying the same Clipper
>application on a different version.Unix version:  HP-UX B.10.10 U 900/829
>The kermit upload/download processes work, but when data is displayed to the
>screen, I get different results from the same Clipper code.  The Telepathy
>functions that are being used are for when data is scrolled to the screen
>are:  TP_RECVTO and TP_WAITFORHas anybody ever worked with Clipper,
>Telepathy & Unix?My other problem is that I'm NOT a Clipper programmer.  I
>have the sourcecode, but have never compiled it. I'd like to resolve the
>problem on the Unix side if possible.       Releasing a new version in Clipper
>could create some real problems!

Check to be sure that the flow control is set the same on both ends.
Preferably set for hardware flow control.


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