Some basic help need with Clipper 5.3 
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 Some basic help need with Clipper 5.3

I have been working with Clipper for about the last 6 years and have
developed a fairly comprehensive radio station scheduler.  But I don't
consider myself a programmer as I have had no training.  I have learnt only
by doing.

Therefore I need a little help to solve what may be rather simple problems
to many.

1)  Can anyone help with with error trapping?  I haven't been able to
incorporate it into my program and drives the users mad (including myself).
 I've read the manual but it doesn't make sense to me.  If anyone has
source code they'd be willing to share, I'd appreciate it.

2)  Printer settings are much the same.  At the moment users have to input
their printer settings in ASCII decimal codes.  Very oldfashioned and
clumsy but I have no idea how to add a "select printer" option.  Again, if
anyone has source code it would be greatly appreciated.

3)  I originally installed Clipper on my work computer because I didn't
have my own computer at the time.  I have now deleted it from that computer
and installed it on my new one.  The only problem is Workbench doesn't work
any more.  When I invoke it it tells me it's looking for files that don't
exist.  I installed it properly, and even reinstalled it, but to no avail.

4)  Are there any training books around on Clipper?  I mean simple ones
like the "Dummies.." series.  I don't find a lot of help from the company

The program I developed is being used solely by community radio groups and
not by commercial interests.

Many thanks for your help,

Fri, 06 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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