FiveWin ODBC RDD: A reality!!! 
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 FiveWin ODBC RDD: A reality!!!

Dear FiveWin users,

today it is a historical day for all of us!

The new FiveWin ODBC RDD is already running incredible. Today, we have been
able to display a typicall FiveWin browse directly accessing a SQL server
table through ODBC with no changes on the FiveWin source code at all. We
have used Microsoft SQL Server for these tests.

You only have to specify the VIA clause when opening a ODBC table, i.e:

   USE "Authors" VIA ODBC

And work as usual. Our first target was to be able to navigate using a
browse as we are used to. Today we reached this target. This is why we are
so happy and we want to share these good news with all of you.

Never before there have been a Clipper RDD that access ODBC with no
run-times, or modules in between. Just a Clipper + FiveWin EXE and the ODBC
engine you may select. We wish Nantucket could review this :-)

Our next step is to check all the RDD services to be sure all of them work
as expected. After that stage, we will start requesting beta-testers. From
one day to another all Clipper+FiveWin users turn into ODBC + SQL masters
just using the Clipper model we are all used to.

Long life Clipper!

Antonio Linares

Sat, 07 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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