Problemi con la funzione fread() - Problems with fread() function 
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 Problemi con la funzione fread() - Problems with fread() function

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> Using ca-clipper 5.2e i have problems with the fread() function, its
> return value is always 0 but if i use the freadstr() function it's all ok.
> How i can solve this problem ?

Start by giving the smallest example of how you are using it which also
demonstrates how it doesn't work for you.

My guess is that you are not initializing <cBufferVar> (see the docs) to at
least <nBytes> in size. For example, this:

| Local cBuff := ""


would return 0 regardless of what can be read. On the other hand this:

| Local cBuff := space( 512 )


would work just fine.

However, as I said, that is a guess. If this isn't the cause of your problem
you should post a small PRG that demonstrates your problem in isolation.

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