Problems with Clipper on a AMD-5-100 processor 
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 Problems with Clipper on a AMD-5-100 processor

I use a Clipper 5.2 application linked with Blinker 3.10 on aprox. 250
PC's without troubles.

Today i've tried to install this application on a AMD based PC. When
the app. starts i get the message 'STACK OVERFLOW'.

When i first tried to install this application on a Cyrix 6x6 procesor
i had the same trouble, but a little program called PIPELOOP fixed
this. Pipeloop won;t work on the AMD though.

Does anyone know is the's a fix for the AMD processor also??

Thans for your reaction.....

Jack Breukers

Fri, 06 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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