UltimADE4 : Rapid Application Development for Win95/98/NT 
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 UltimADE4 : Rapid Application Development for Win95/98/NT

UltimADE4 release 1.06 is now available.

UltimADE4 is the new release of the Rapid Application Development tool
UltimADE.  Its previous version, UltimADE3, was a 3rd-party add-on for
Clipper and Visual Objects.  Developers using UltimADE3 won several
international software development competitions.

UltimADE4 builds further on the goodies of UltimADE3 and makes the step from
Clipper to Windows 32 bit programming very easy.  UltimADE4 is still a
data-driven development tool, built around a very powerful Data Dictionary
for maximum productivity, re-usability and easy maintenance.
UltimADE4 comes with its own Integrated Development Environment including
all tools a developer needs on a daily basis : Database browser, Data
Dictionary, Form Designer, Source code editor, Compiler, De{*filter*}, Wizards,
...  UltimADE's compiler is Clipper compatible and can even be used to
script your HTML pages.

Some  features of UltimADE4 :

- Full ActiveX support : use whatever ActiveX control in UltimADE

- OLE/COM Automation : do OLE Automation with any OLE Server, such as MS
Word, MS Excel, ...

- Win32 bit IDE

- Small and very fast Runtime Engine (350KB) with no Runtime license fees.

- Data Driven tool : No time-consuming compile and link process.

- Clipper compatible compiler : keep on using your favorite syntax and
functions ! Even the macro compiler is still there !

- DLL integration : use whatever DLL function from within UltimADE

- Data Dictionary : central repository for Field properties and business
logic : make your changes here and they are applied automatically in the
whole application.

- Object Oriented Component based Development

- Visual Form Inheritance : let your forms inherit the design and business
logic of Template Forms.

- Wizards : wizards help you to complete several tasks and speed up
application development.

- Team Development support.

- Data Access : can access any database for which an ODBC driver or OLEDB
provider exists.

- Multilingual support : develop applications in several languages

More information as well as a free demo version can be found on the web site

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