CLASSic nuVO 2.1 Update! 
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 CLASSic nuVO 2.1 Update!


Posted on the SIRIUS forum on Compuserve in Library 10 is the proposed
NUVO21UP.ZIP file.  Below is a list of what has changed.  If you have
CLASSic nuVO 2.0, this will be a free update once we can verify that we
have fixed all of the outstanding problems.  Please post all messages
concerning this potential update on the SIRIUS forum.

Thanks again to all who helped.

Sirius Press International, Inc.


CLASSic nuVO 2.1                Copyright 1996, Sirius Press, Inc.

NUVO21UP.ZIP contains.......

NUVO21.WRI              This document
ARRAY.MEF               CLASS: SiriusArray{} module
ARRAYSVR.MEF            CLASS: SiriusArrayServer{} module
BALLOON.MEF             CLASS: Balloons module
DATE.MEF                CLASS: SiriusDate{} module
DBCOMBO.MEF             CLASS: SiriusDBCombo module
DWIND.MEF               CLASS: SiriusDataWindow{} module
HELPREQ.MEF             CLASS: SiriusHelpRequestEvent module
INSIDE.MEF              CLASS: SiriusInside{} module
LISTVIEW.MEF            CLASS: SiriusListView{} module
PICBTN.MEF              CLASS: SiriusPictureButton{} module
TAB.MEF                 CLASS: SiriusTab{} module
TABPUSH.MEF             CLASS: SiriusTabPush{} module
TREEVIEW.MEF            CLASS: SiriusTreeView{} module
SIRIUSWE.INI            Window Editor INI file
SIRIUSBL.INI            Window Editor INI file
STRDSPBX.ZIP            CLASS: StringDisplayBox

To apply the update, delete the appropriate modules from CLASSic
nuVO 2 and import the corresponding MEFs. Recompile and prefix. You
may also want to export the library at this time and keep a
CLASSic nuVO 2.1 AEF for future use. Replace the appropriate INI files
in your CAVO directory. You may also want to follow the instructions
in STRDSPBX.ZIP if you want to make use of the user-contributed
StringDisplayBox class.

What's Changed in nuVO 2.1


        The method AIINS() has been modified to AINS().  This will now
        work with APPGEN.AEF which has not been modified since the
        1.26 release.


        The SELF:overRide() method did not properly call up to the
        parent class. This has now been modified to do a
        SUPER:overRide() method call.


        There were a couple chages made to this class.  First, the
        INIT() method now has been modifed to accept one field/array
        element in the data set.

        The second thing is the parameter that is passed as the
        third parameter passed to the INIT() method.  The array that
        is to be passed as the third parameter is a multi-dimensional
        array holding the structure of the data items in the data set
        passed as the first parameter.  This array must follow the
        conventional format of a database structure as returned from


        The SELF:addMonths() method now simply adds the number of
        specified months to the held date within the class.  If the
        added month causes the date to fall on an invalid date
        (like moving to February 30), the method will decrement the
        date value backwards in time.  Otherwise, the "day" will
        remain the same.  Also, if an invalid date is held within the
        class or if a non-numeric value is passed as a parameter, then
        an EMPTY() date will be returned by the method.  Finally, a
        positive or negative number may be passed as a parameter to
        this method.


        The value of the selected item in the listbox area will now
        appear in the control portion of the window.


        Correct a problem where the icons of minimised windows would
        disappear under the bitmap.


        Changed to plugs a resource leak, and correct a problem
        opening DataWindows a second time.


        Plugged resource leaks in the tabs and corrected an
        intermitent GPF on some machines.


        Allows the programmer to create a HelpRequest event. Required
        by changes to SiriusPictureButton.


        Revised the clearing of columns from the window.


        Improved the key handling - space and F1


        Increased compatability with the Win95 interface


        Changes to keep in sync with the alterations mentioned above


        A contribution from a nuVO user, Nils Pallesen. Displays a
        string in a SiriusDisplayBox.


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