Clipper 5.2e/ADS/ & Netware 4.11 
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 Clipper 5.2e/ADS/ & Netware 4.11

My customer has IBM desktops running WINNT 4 with Client32 for NT.  The
Server is a COMPAQ Pro-Liant with 2 Pentium 450 processors running Netware
4.11 and they claim the latest patches.  This server also has Advantage
Database Server version 5.6 which is used to run my Clipper 5.2e app.  This
app is running on other Netware & NT servers around the country without a

The problem:

When a user abends Netware or specifically the Advantage Server holds the
files open.  When another user tries to access the same files they get a
sharing violation, corrupted index, or access denied error.  We have to
close the connection at the Netware Console.  We are also experiencing
corrupted indexes.

Advantage had first thought it might be a TURBOFAT problem, but my customer
says the has the latest NLM.  If you try to open one of the held files you
also get access denied or sharing violation errors.

Any thoughts out there of how this site could be different?

Sat, 24 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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