Our Shareware Site Not Necessarily Intended For Pogrammers 
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 Our Shareware Site Not Necessarily Intended For Pogrammers

The wording in the shareware section of our site may have mislead some
to believe that the programs are programming applications for sale to
other programmers.  Only those shareware products specifically marked
as "programming functions" are marketed with the source code and
libraries upon registration.

Although our site's main objective is to network other programmers
through our Programmer's "Yellow Pages", Users Group, Clipper Site
Links, Newsgroups Links and Public Domain Source Code .... the
Shareware page on our site is generally  intended for non-programming

Our mentioning that the software is a combination of the "Best
Libraries" is true, but was only to offer programmers a glimpse at the
end result of those libraries.  A total of about 10 libraries went
into the development of our programs and some are commerical
third-party libraries that we do not have rights to resell.  

All the public domain libraries that went into the development of our
shareware software is available in our public domain site and you
probably can find these libraries on most other clipper sites.  

Our Users Group members will be receiving (via email on a monthly
basis) original source code that our company has developed for being a

member of the Users Group.

As to the commercial third party libraries that were used in the
development of our shareware, we will gladly refer you to the authors
of those libraries upon request.  We make no money from programmers

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Craig David Horton
DBasics Software Company
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~dbasics

Fri, 24 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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