Help for developing C++ database application (Sigh!!!) 
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 Help for developing C++ database application (Sigh!!!)

Codebase is written in ANSI C.
You could use those tools to deal with DBF's.. If you dont mind a DLL, you
could use successware (now called luxent) tools..

Gordon Hamm
Voice Data Systems Inc.
Astoria Communications
Help !!!
I have to build a very little database application (1/3 DBF max) in C++ on a
handheld pc which works only with C++ (I lova Clipper !!!)
I need a very little demo application in C++ to read data from a DBF, for
example by adding, modifying and deleting a record.
Which is the best free lib to Read&Write DBF from C++???
Where can I find example source to learn on ???

Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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