TBrowse - Stabilizing the database row with Browse:rowpos. 
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 TBrowse - Stabilizing the database row with Browse:rowpos.

Hai Guys!

  I've been using TBrowse extensively in my apps and often I run into problems.
I dont know how, but I used to get out of them this way or the other.

But now I wish to clarify the point :
How to make TBrowse exactly aware about an APPEND BLANK.
     For example:
         if oBrowse:hitbottom
             append blank
             oBrowse:down()            // is it needed?
             oBrowse:refreshall()      // or refreshcurrent?

   Should we do a oBrowse:forcestable  // or 'while .not. oBrowse:stabilize()'
to make it okay?

Thanx In Advance for ur comments...

Sat, 17 Sep 2005 17:37:42 GMT  
 TBrowse - Stabilizing the database row with Browse:rowpos.

No need for the 'if' statement as the append will put the pointer at the bottom of the DBF

Use the Alias() of the database for clearer code
    xAlias->( DBAppend() )    //    append blank

>              oBrowse:down()            // is it needed?

No - but YMMV

>              oBrowse:refreshall()      // or refreshcurrent?

Either should work - seeing it depends on whether or not the new record is in scope of any
scope/filter that may be set (then again I don't edit/add/change a record from within a TBrowse).

Steve Quinn

Sat, 17 Sep 2005 18:11:07 GMT  
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