problems running under XP 
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 problems running under XP

Thanks guys for your answers.  One advised me to set environment
variables under control panel/system/advanced but doesn't autoexec.nt take
care of all that?   Also - are we talking user or system variables? App is
still freezing in full screen mode.  All refs are to cmd.exe. If you go to
desktop then tab back to app, a frequency error message shows on the screen.
Also I am now getting "too many parameters" error message on screen before
app runs.

Thanks if any one can help.

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> Gavin

> I don't have an answer but your problem seems to raise wider issues.
> My understanding of the hype for XP was that they had eliminated
> 'legacy' code. I assumed therefore. that ALL intrinsic DOS
> functionality had been removed. From other letters it appears that
> this may only be partly true. I think it would be well worth
> getting a full rundown on the position, not only for clipperheads.

> Alan

> > Hi all,
> > I "upgraded" from win95 to XP.  Set up the shortcuts to my clipper
> > applications - but the app keeps freezing in full screen mode.  Window
> > seems OK. Am I missing something?
> > Gavin

Sat, 14 Aug 2004 20:21:43 GMT  
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