Click 2.01 released. Bugs and Undocumented Features repaired! 
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 Click 2.01 released. Bugs and Undocumented Features repaired!

Click! 2.01 is released, thanks to two programmers who hang out here
on c.l.c.

Also, please delete any CLICK200.ZIP file you have, since it contained
some unneeded junk files.

Besides, this version is identical, only better! ;)

Here are the changes.

Release 2.01

1) the "LIKEINFILE" setting does not work for commands
   (it uses > UPPER instead)

   This was caused by the c version of function no_ast(): it works
   directly on the contents of the variable passed (i.e. by
   reference), and hence always leaves the aCommands array with upper
   case copies of the commands. I have fixed this by simply
   re-instating your original no_ast() function in cmd_list.prg, so
   no_ast.obj no longer needs to be linked in.  This has very
   negligible impact on speed of operation when dealing with lots of
   source code, as no_ast() is only called when processing the .ini
   file at startup.  I have not included my version of the build
   files, as I had to change them for my development environment (and
   dbfcdx driver instead of six etc.)

2) the setting specified for functions is always ignored (it uses
   the setting specified for commands instead, and this time
   LIKEINFILE *does* work).

   This one was simply caused by using variable cComCase instead of
   cFunCase in the relevant sections of click.prg.

3) Phil, thanks for the Click! source.  I was looking at
   FILNPATH.PRG when I found a UDF (UnDocumented
   Feature).  As written, fileinpath will only find a
   file in the nominated path if the file is in the
   directory specified in the last portion of the path.

   So if:

    path == "c:\windows;c:\windows\command"
    ? fileinpath( "" ) => ""

    but if:

    path == "c:\windows\command;c:\windows"
    ? fileinpath( "" ) => "c:\windows\"

   I've attached a modified version so you can see what I


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Fri, 01 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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