Files available via FTP from FIDOnet 
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 Files available via FTP from FIDOnet

I have created an anomous guest FTP directory named /pub/acme on

It contains the following collection of files that have been either written by
me as shareware, public domain, or collected from FIDO net, and donated to
public domain.

Some of the SHAREWARE has a message about registering, but
all of them are absolutely complete versions.

  A DOS boot manager that works very nicely. SHAREWARE, but not limited in
  any way.

  Some Barcode Functions. Mostly Code 39. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  A pure Clipper program that emulates the DOS DIR command, for learning
  purposes. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

  This zip contains a 32bit CRC that is identical to the one used in PKZIP,
  including the compiled object. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

  A .DBF data file documentor for creating a users manual of data
  structures for your client. (or yourself) Very Nice! SHAREWARE,
  but not limited in any way.


  A program to dial the Naval Observatory and download the Atomic Clock.
  This will update the time/date on your Novell file server if you have
  console operator rights! SHAREWARE, but not limited in any way.

  A pure Clipper virtual file browser. This is very nice and has search
  capabilities, help, imbedded color capability, line preprocessing, and more.
  This is a nice work by a collaboration of FIDO echo participants.


  This pure Clipper program will accept a file name as a parameter and return
  the full dos path if it is found in the current path. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

  This is the latest version of my Global Search & Replace program. It is
  multidirectory and has a command line interface. If you program and you
  don't use GSR, you are wasting time. SHAREWARE, but not limited in any way.

  For the first time ever, this is a full demo of my POS package named InOrder.
  It is running in over 20 locations in Florida, and has been developed over a
  period of 8 years. Unlike all of the other programs I have included here,
  this one is only a demo. The actual limitation is small, you can only have
  50 items in the inventory table, and it says DEMO at the top of most of the
  reports. The ability to place your company name in the info screen is blocked.

  If nothing else, it is a good place to get some outstanding ideas, as I have
  purchased or reveiwed just about every POS ever made and integrated the best
  features from them.

  Inventory control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Receiving,
  Automatic Best Cost purchasing agent, kitting, dependencies,
  Wholesale cost of goods, many business reports. Multiple pay types,
  roving inventory, billing, 30-60-90,

  User manuals available for $10. each. Retail $1495, Reseller cost $750.
  Sell one and get one free for your reseller company.

  This is a complete installation builder. Complete with data compression.
  Simple but effective. Custom versions are available.
  Shareware, but complete.


  This is a pure Clipper collection of Julian Time/Date functions that will
  allow you to perform many time and date calculations without regard for time
  crossing midnight. This is a very complete library of julian functions.


  This .ASM code will return .t. or .f. depending on whether Lantastic is
  running. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

  This is the basis for a great mailmerge.
  Pure Clipper (almost...there is a C obj) This will allow you to create a
  form letter, and then process it against a data file. It will also allow
  you to imbed printer codes and Clipper functions into the form letter.
  (so you can imbed things like ?FULLDATE? and it will place the correct
  date like April 20, 1994 in the form letter) It also includes basic list
  processing. (very basic, but it works as a data dumper) Printer codes and
  Clipper function imbedding are table driven. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  Clipper callable function to return the handle when given the filename.  
  This function uses no Clipper internals and gets the handle information
  from DOSs Job File Table. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  This pure Clipper program, when run inside your running program, will scan
  all file areas, and show you a snapshot of file and index usage so you can
  easily see what is open at any given time. Mostly for debugging and
  development purposes. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

  For the first time ever, my personal MAKE engine.
  This one is faster and easier to use than any you have ever seen!
  Zero memory overhead, 'cause I don't shell to DOS. There is also no
  limit to the number of modules you can set up for it to MAKE.
  (well, the limits of Clipper, 4096 array elements.)
  Even though it is primarily for Clipper, the ability to use it for any
  language is included. (it just makes a few assumptions that you will need
  to override for other languages) SHAREWARE, but not limited in any way.


  This pure Clipper function will accept a wildcard DOS filespec and present
  you with a list of files to pick from that match the filespec. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  This pure Clipper function is a Math calculator that includes a simulated
  paper tape. It has +,-,*,/,^ and memory functions, too. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  This function is primarily used in validation routines where you would like
  to present a field that the user can just start typeing and the browse jumps
  down through the file as you type. Hot Pick, just like the name says.

  The FIDO printer project, which includes a small table of printer, and the
  init and accessor functions to use them in any program. Not bad. I use this
  in all of my programs, and my customers love it.

  An old, simple, and very stable HD menuing system I wrote years ago.
  Even though it's a bit old, it works like a charm, it's very small, and
  it uses no memory. It also works fine on networks. SHAREWARE, but not
  limited in any way. This was one very successful shareware program.
  Thousands of registrations. Several site licenses.


  For the first time ever, my personal information manager, RapideX. Mailmerge,
  multiple tables, dialer, export, import, query by example, etc. Very fast
  and easy to use. SHAREWARE, but not limited in any way.


  This C program is a simple example of see through shadowing. It is quite fast.


  Use to pop up a message to the user and allow them to select from an
  array of choices, or simply select continue.  Good for error messages.
  Use instead of clipper's Alert() function which has defficiencies and
  some parameters are undocumented so may not exist in future releases.
  Also improves color handling. PUBLIC DOMAIN


  My award winning, fastest in over 600 entries, Sieve of Eratosthenes.
  Pure Clipper code that will find all of the prime numbers in the first
  1000 integers several times per second! (4 complete sieves per second
  on my 486/66) This was the winner of the Reference Clipper code contest
  last year. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  A set of functions that push or pop all of the set key conditions.


  Compare the .DBF file structures in two directories. Perfect for analyzing
  a client directory of data files to some you brought on a floppy, so you can
  see quickly which structures are out of date. This baby will save you hours
  and hundreds of customer support calls, by getting it right the first time.


  Compile this and run it against an existing .DBF, and it will write
  the Clipper code needed to create that .DBF. This is a simple code
  generator. PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  A C function that will update the time/date stamp of a file from Clipper.


  This recursive directory tree program will create graphical trees.
  Pure Clipper. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

  If you have a USR 14.4 Sportster modem, get this and run it. It will turn on
  all of the best features of the modem, and save it as the permanent setup.
  This one will turn your Sportster into a Speedster.
  DON'T use it on other modems! (it won't hurt them physically...)

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