VO Tools(tm) Release 3.0/3.1 Product Announcement 
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 VO Tools(tm) Release 3.0/3.1 Product Announcement

Electric People International of Markham, Ontario (Canada) is pleased to
announce two new releases of VO Tools, the world's leading library of
functions and classes for CA-Visual Objects:

     - VO Tools 3.0 for CA-Visual Objects Release 2.0b-4
     - VO Tools 3.1 for CA-Visual Objects Release 2.5

Both versions of VO Tools are delivered on one CD, for one low price.

VO Tools is a "must have" library for serious CA-Visual Objects programmers.
Containing over 600 classes, functions, windows and window controls VO Tools
contains everything you need to develop feature rich, professional programs.

Fully multilingual, VO Tools supports all major international languages and
can even assist you to program in one language and then deploy your
applications in another.

Hundreds of functions support a wide range of programming activities
including data encryption, data conversion, editing and data validation,
file and directory processing, token processing, etc. Classes include data
display and data selection dialogs, dozens of window control extensions,
database servers, array and text file servers, fiscal and manufacturing
calendars, OLE server support classes, system and resource control classes
and more.

New features included with VO Tools 3.0/3.1 include:

    - RDDLib, which provides a gain of up to 70% in performance when
accessing local .DBF data files and provides 100% code compatibility to VO's
native RDD Classes library.

    - SQLLib, which provides extensions to VO's native SQL Classes library
and helps simplify SQL database processing and reduce errors.

    - A new virtual server class that allows programmers to seamlessly
connect to either industry standard .DBF data files or SQL data sources
using a single, standardized interface.

    - New and enhanced power dialogs that include data selection, password
data entry, "tip of the day" data file display, progress dialogs, status
dialogs and more.

    - New fiscal and manufacturing calendar classes which, when combined
with related date selection support functions, dramatically simplify complex
querying of past and future reporting information.

    - New OLE support classes and functions that help simplify the creation
of OLE servers and help "localize" programmer defined OLE objects.

    - Dozens of new functions and classes that further stream-line complex
programming assignments and help you solve important problems.

For more information about VO Tools, or to download a free evaluation
version, please visit our Internet web site at www.electricpeople.com.
You'll be glad you did!

Sat, 22 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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