Clipper 5.2E Debugger & Win95 
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 Clipper 5.2E Debugger & Win95

I have moved to Win95 (ugh!) and have been having problems
in trying to run my compiled program in debug.  I am not a
novice (been around Clipper for 4+ years).

My problem seems to been the that the DOS window is not a
true DOS environment.  The DOS mem.exe program shows 611K of
free memory and doesn't show any "funny" things.  But when a
execute my program with the de{*filter*} (CLD filename.exe) the
de{*filter*} will stop at various lines as it seems fit; just
stop -- no errors (the F5 key will let me continue).  Other
times, I'll get a report (from Win95) that an invalid
instruction has been attempted.  Just real weird.  But I run
it again and everything may be fine.  The .EXE (by itself)
runs just fine (it's older 5.2E code that is fairly well

Anyone have any ides?  TIA


Does anyone know what the settings for the DOS box should
be?  Should the amount of memory that Clipper "sees" be

Wed, 30 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 Clipper 5.2E Debugger & Win95


FWIW - consider option of linking with protected mode linker/de{*filter*}
(Exospace, Blinker), if you got one.


-- Edis
Eduardas Tamoshauskas

D O N ' T   G E T    V I R T U A L !

Fri, 02 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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