Update files using email 
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 Update files using email

A few months ago, several questions were posted by us and by others
regarding how to send and receive DBF-files, by using email.
We didn't see good solutions.
Since that time we did a lot of work and testing and we have
now a well running solution.

A (clipper) program collects data to send and it creates a text file.
This text file contains the email address were to send the data and an a
line that tells were the data as an attachment can be found.

The mailserver package, Mdaemon, reads the text file. It will create and
send a standard email, that has the data as an attachment. Mdaemon also
collects mail that was sent from a remote user. It also places  the received
(attached) data in a user defined directory.

The clipper program scans the user defined directory and it processes the

Just  install the program at two computers and every thing will run.

If you like to receive more details, please contact

SERA Software BV
Raadhuisstraat 227
The Netherlands

Fri, 16 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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