Cant make EXE with PLL including SIX driver and Ca-clipper tools! 
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 Cant make EXE with PLL including SIX driver and Ca-clipper tools!

I have program with over 7000 lines and using Ca-clipper tools. For
better performance,
i buy SIX driver. And i cant link if i use ct.pll:

1. step: making .PLL

    output CT_SIX

    file ctus
    lib  ct, clipper, extend, terminal, dbfntx, six3

    refer _VTERM, _VPICT, _VGETSYS
    refer _VDBG, six3

    exclude RDDSYS
    exclude ERRORSYS
... linking with RTLINK, OK..

2. step:
    in MYPRG:
        #INCLUDE "SIXNSX"  // default using .NSX RDD

3. step:
    compiling MYPRG

4. step:

    !!!!!!!!!!! ERROR - DUPLICATE STACKS !!!!!!!??????????????

this work, but without PLL:
    RTLINK FI MYPRG,ctus,sixuk,sixnsx LIB CT,SIX3

Can any help me? Thanks!

Tue, 20 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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