Corruption Detected Error on NTX with 2 versions of Clipper 5.2 
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 Corruption Detected Error on NTX with 2 versions of Clipper 5.2

Here is a strange one for you.   We recently Y2K some software and came
across a really hair-pulling error.

The program was compiled in 1996 with Clipper 5.2 using Clipper Tools and
linked with Blinker, runs fine, except for a small Y2K bug in a date
calculation. (I do not know which version of Clipper 5.2 or Blinker it was)

Fast forward to 1999 when this exact same program was recompiled with a
change of 2 lines (added SET CENTURY ON and SET EPOCH) to fix that small Y2K
This one was recompiled with Clipper 5.2d and Blinker 3.30.  This program
runs fine.

Now here is the strange part.   If you use the indexes created with the old
program and run the new program, you get a Corruption Detected error (and
the indexes {*filter*}out).   If you use the indexes created with the new program
and run the old program you get the same error.

We even compared the index files generated by each program, the are the

The real bad part is a 2nd program out there that was also compiled in 1996,
updates these same data files and indexes.  Using the new program indexes,
also creates the Corruption Detected error on this 2nd program.

Just to remind you: The Source code has not changed between 1996 and 1999
with the exception of adding 2 lines (SET CENTURY and SET EPOCH).

The Indexes are defined like this:
   LTOC(selected) + catagory + key_word

I have been recompiling programs all the time, and have using the same data
and index files from earlier versions.  I have never come across this error

Oh before I forget: we also linked in the __wait.obj fix, but linking
without it did not change the error.

Any ideas? We are stumped.

Thanks for any help.
K. Latham
ITL Programming Dept.

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Mon, 01 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 Corruption Detected Error on NTX with 2 versions of Clipper 5.2
May the CPU and chipset be important at compile time ? I had to recompile
and link my programs at client location (on the final client's computer)
cause the
one compiled at home produced errors (including index corruptions).
When compiling and running on the same computer, do you obtain the same
problem ?

Tony Allaire, Qc, Canada

Tue, 02 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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