Help: My 'RAT' behaves badly 
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 Help: My 'RAT' behaves badly

Hello Folks,

MSETCURSOR(.f.) turns off the display features of a mouse, but doesn't
appear to fully disable it.

For example, if you construct a table TBROWSE with edit capabilities,
and move the mouse while focused on any editable cell, the movement
will replace the first character of the cell field with another
character. (  CHR(233 ) if you're interested. )

Someone suggested I could use the following code to resolve that:

#ifdef MOUSE

I have two questions about this:

If I enter that code as it is, the program will execute the #else
line. (???) That leaves the program exactly as it was. What do I need
to do to insure the thing will execute the #ifdef line?
( Presumably, the #ifDef line will COMPLETLY disable mouse input
temporarily )

Will I enter that abbove code only in the MAIN() module, or do I need
to include it in each module that will require the mouse to be
temporarily disabled. Like in ALL the TBROWSE modules?

Many- many-Many thanks

Paul Bruneau

Sun, 30 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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