Help in Compiling Clipper 5.3 programs 
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 Help in Compiling Clipper 5.3 programs

> I'm a new programmer to clipper 5.3 And I having a major problem.
> Ihave a small program, about 10 lines of code.  I have compiled using a
> normal blinker routines and I end up with a 200k exe. can I get it
> The program just calls basic xbase functions. like delete copy pack
> Any help would be appriciated
> Bear

Hi Bear,

Clipper runtime routine does take some space which means you'll always get
at least that size of EXE file. That is most evident when you have a very
small PRG file because the runtime is more or less of a fixed size. If you
increase your PRG file, you'll see that your EXE won't increase
proportionally from there onwards.
With Clipper 5.2e (which I'm using) and Blinker 3.01, I can then apply a
shareware program called PKLITE which compresses the EXE file and keeps it
still executable. You may have a try with Clipper 5.3...

Hope this helps.

Estevao Raminhos


Wed, 06 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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