Help needed: Clipper 5.3b GPF with DBFCDX 
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 Help needed: Clipper 5.3b GPF with DBFCDX


just two days ago I installed Clipper 5.3 and the international update 5.3b
(some files were not updated, but i guess that was because I had version
5.3a installed already). When I tried to compile and link my old
application (version 5.2d) it worked so far but it would not work when I
tried to build up my indexes again.

It stopped with a GPF 067F:02C1 (segment changes, offset stays the same).

To find out what the problem was I tried to compile a very simple program
(using both the DBFNTX and the DBFCDX driver to copy from one to the
other). Same problem. Whenever I tried to copy a DBF file with FPT memos
into an DBF file with DBT memos it stopped with a GPF.

I suspect the _DBFCDX and/or the DBFCDX driver(s)... but I have no clue
what more to do. Maybe it is because I use the german "umlaut"s in my

Any help is very much appreciated...

IBM 686
32 MB
Win 95


Wed, 18 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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