VO ftp site file list update 
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 VO ftp site file list update

Hi all

Here is a list of the files that can be found at:

** Indicates new  files which have just been uploaded so it might take a day
or so before they appear.

balloons.zip    Help/Hint balloons attached to controls.
calendar.zip    Pop up calendar.
csplash.zip     Splash screen - Shows logo on app start up.
hyper.zip               **Hyperlabel extraction tool (for help file creation)
modprint.zip    ** Source code printing tool.
jsbr13.zip      Allows controls to be added to browser cells.
msmbuf.zip      Buffered server
netlibus.zip    Network utilities with help file and demo app
shapedbt.zip    ** Shaped buttons class
tabc_g.zip      Tab control
tabcon.zip      Another tab control
W95fix.zip      Fix for menu{*filter*} problem in Win95
wdbu10e.zip     DBU application written in VO



Trevor Smith        
Ashdown Software
Southampton, UK

CIS  101674,305

Thu, 24 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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