The Harder You Work, the Less You Will Earn 
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 The Harder You Work, the Less You Will Earn

It now takes two incomes to afford what one income
afforded in 1950.

"The harder you work, the less you will earn" is just one of
the many bugs in the system known as equal employment

Learn more from the treatise on the downward wage
equalizing effects of equal employment opportunity.

For your immediate edification, here is a brief sample from
the treatise's question and answer section:

"Question:  In a free market environment, female workers
have historically earned salaries which are approximately
60% to 65% of the salaries of males doing the same work.
Does equal pay for females mean that men will have to take
a real wage cut of 35% to 40%?

"Answer:  No, if females demand equal pay, the real wage cut
for men will be much greater than 40%, AND there will be
substantial real wage cuts for most women as well! "

Find out why.

Free email copies of the treatise are available from:

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P.S.  Be advised: this treatise comes in multiple parts.
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