Clipper, Clipper Tools, Netware and NT4 
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 Clipper, Clipper Tools, Netware and NT4

Hi all,
Has anyone succeded in getting Clipper (5.2e or 5.3b) to work
with Clipper Tools III's netware calls under Windows NT4 WS?

I'm having difficulties with LPT port capturing. Specifically
NNetSetQ, NNetSetSSF and NNetCapBeg fuctions. Sometimes
they work sometimes they hang completly, never returning from
the call.

I've also tried the Netto library routines FN_PrintQ,
FN_sSpltC and FN_sSPCapF. Again most of the time they
work, hoever sometimes the FN_PrintQ fails. Most of the
time after the failure the program keeps working and
FN_Error returns 255 but, sometimes the program simply

After linking as a protected mode using Blinker 4.1 I
have once got an error in NTVDM. If was a code 5
Access Denied error, if that's any help?

I'd buy NetLib but we're I don't know if it would be
any better, after all it could be a bug in the NW Client
for WindowsNT. Also, we're moving away from clipper at
the moment so I'm not sure I can convince TPTB to spend
money on a library.


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Sun, 06 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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