>How 2 use NTX with CA-dBFast? 
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 >How 2 use NTX with CA-dBFast?

>1) I'm in the process of converting a Clipper 5.2 system I made (200+
>users - Novell 3.12, 80,000 records in main database, 100,000 in
>payments database, plus 30 other dbfs).  The system is working fine, but
>with the growth of the company, I am slowly migrating into another
>system (VB 4.0 with CodeBase - to use NTX) to eventually move into SQL
>(Oracle or MS SQL6.5).  I still need to learn more about VB with
>Codebase so I don't want to apply it yet. Is VB 4.0 and CodeBase a
>realiable combination?  Beacuse I am moving slowly, I may  have 50% of
>the company on VB/CodeBase and the other 50% on Clipper 5.2d  Should I
>expect a disaster????  My main concern are the indexes (NTX) being
>corrupted by the updating of the 2 front-end applications.

There is a product called ARTEMIS which provides Visual Basic
multi-user local access to the data and index files used by
CA-Clipper (.DBF/.DBT/.NTX) you may want to check that out too.
I haven't use this product but I've seen in action a
product called APOLLO by the same company and I the xBase like
function in it. Soon they will have a C++Builder version which
I'm planning to get so I can have access to Clipper's NTX from C++.

Here's their web site:

>2) Does anyone know how to Open NTX files using CA-DBFAST 2.0?

No it can't be done.. CA-dBFast 2.0 uses only NDX files..
I wish this could be done.

>Your opinions are appreciated, please answer via e-mail/newsgroup
>because I never seem able to relocate my postings in the newsgroups.
>Thank you.
>Jose Jimenez Jr.

I hope this helps,


Tue, 28 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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