Slow server perfomance: Netware 4.11 with Advantage Database v5.50 
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 Slow server perfomance: Netware 4.11 with Advantage Database v5.50

Customer lan server running Netware 4.11 and Advantage Database v5.50
(ADS server), approximately 30 client pc running DOS(!!), Win95,
Win98se, Win2000 with several Client32 versions, IPX only network, CA
Clipper applications running without problems, but server needs to be
updated (slow disk array, old hardware, Arcserve backup frequently
{*filter*} server, no results updating all server software)

Changed server with IBM Netfinty xServer 205 (8480), on board Ultra
160 SCSI controller serving a Seagate DAT 9SP40, Raid controller 4ML
with 3 18GB HD drives on Raid 5 configuration, 512Mb ram.
Latest server Bios (1.27), latest Raid firmware (5.11), raid drivers
sincronized with firmware version is IPSRAID.HAM 4.84a 12-Dec-2001
SCSI channel (tape) driver is ADPT160.HAM 14.30 9-Aug-2000

Netware 4.11 was REINSTALLED (too much abend problems for an hardware
migration), NW4SP9 applied, ArcserveIt 6.6 installed with latest

The server seems to work fine, copying files from clients to server
and vice-versa shows a significantly increased speed, but ALL the
clients are experiencing slow perfomances under clipper programs using
ADS server. (programs are running MORE slowly than with old server)
Nothing is changed on clients side, and few programs not using ADS
server are working quickly.
ADS settings are regarding only connections, workareas, dbf files, all
parameters are NOT changed from the old installation.

Verified NLM version needed for this ADS version:
ADS.NLM is v5.50 8-Sep-1999
NWSNUT.NLM (needed "last")  is 4.16   2-Aug-2000
IPXRTR.NLM (needed > 6.50)  is 6.60a 21-Jan-2000
CLIB.NLM   (needed > 4.10d) is 4.11s 31-Mar-2000

Settings applied: (founded regarding other ADS perfomance problems)

I've found many references on Novell techsupp, Advantage techsupp,
Google groups, regarding problems with win2000 client32 versions, but
I'm finding those problems with ALL of the clients and ONLY with
programs using ADS server, I suppose there must be a problem with some
module or settings changed by NW4SP9, or compatibility problem with
raid disk drivers.

Someone out there that can help me?

Tue, 02 Aug 2005 22:34:35 GMT  
 Slow server perfomance: Netware 4.11 with Advantage Database v5.50
Try 5.7.02 ADS

Make sure no MS Client on Win2000 -

use 4.83 with patches no nw16 no vwipxspx
Use vipx, vlmsup

Sat, 06 Aug 2005 00:56:21 GMT  
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